3 months ago, I ran my first half-marathon. {Rock n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon} and by “ran,” I mean ran a lot in the beginning, walked a lot in the middle and hobbled across the finish line.

25 weeks from now, I’ll run my second. {Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon} and by “run,” I mean run.

I’m beyond excited for this half and I know that finishing this race will make me a runner for life, but I’m still nervous. What if I can’t run the whole time? What if I get injured during training? What if I run and still barely beat my San Diego time? All of this nervous talk has really been getting to me and during my first week of training, I could barely run an entire mile. That’s when I realized how powerful my mindset really is.

Yesterday, I went out for a run intending to run 1.5 miles without any walking, but before I could even step outside, I was already doubting myself. I started walking to warm-up and realized I already needed a bathroom break. (Nervous over-hydration perhaps?) Instead of putting off the run to drive to a restroom, I decided to run to one. Before I knew it, I had run a mile to a shopping center containing McDonald’s and Taco Bell. If you’ve never felt good about yourself as a runner, try running to your local fast food joint and stretching in front of all of the cars in line: Instant Confidence. I used that “I’m running and they’re just getting fatter” mentality to push myself through the next mile. I ended up finishing over 2 miles and only walking 90 seconds of it.

The moral of the story: I can do this. 

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. Early bedtimes and early rises. Sore muscles and ice baths. But I can do this.


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