make yourself.

My first 2 weeks of training for the RnR USA Half Marathon have been nothing short of amazing. After an entire summer of not running at all, I’ve been able to come back stronger than I’ve ever been as a runner. Today I ran 3 miles without any walking for the first time…ever. in life. It may seem like a small victory to some, but to me it was a preview for what’s to come.

My biggest concern for this half is that I’ll finish it and stop running the way I did last time. I want to become a runner for life, not just someone who can complete one race. Running has changed me in so many ways and I never want to let go of that. So this week, I spent time creating my running goals. Some are easy, some are super ambitious, and some are just fun. The bottom line is, accomplishing these goals will make me a runner. maybe even an athlete. and the process itself will make me strong.

Present Goals

1. Finish the RnR USA Half Marathon {3.17.12} in 3 hours.

2. Finish the Hot Chocolate 15k {12.3.11} with little to no walking. (less than 5 minutes total)

3. Run (at least) 3 RnR races in 2012 and receive a Triple Crown medal. {definitely DC and San Diego, still debating/saving up for more.}

4. Train smart and hard through the winter. {treadmill runs, morning workouts, lots of cross-training and stretching.}

5. Run at least 100 miles by Jan. 1, 2012.

Future Goals:

1. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (Fall ’12)  AND Full Marathon in San Francisco (Fall ’13?). {A race that gives out Tiffany’s necklaces instead of medals. Anyone who knows me knows this race was created for me!}

2. Run the NYC Marathon.

3. Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. {I’m giving myself until 2015 to make this one happen. And by then I’ll be in a new age division and will get 5 more minutes on my BQ time!}

4. Run both of the Disney women’s half-marathons {Princess and Tinkerbell} plus the Wine & Dine half. {Again, anyone who knows me understands this one. I love all things Disney.}

5. Run the Marine Corps Marathon. {I basically want to run every major race in Washington, DC.}

6. Run all of the RnR races held in the U.S. and at least 1 abroad. This goal will take me years to finish and by then they’ll probably have 20 more races, but I’m definitely going to do it!

7. Place in the top 3 overall and in my age division in at least 3 races. {obvi small ones.}

8. Run in every city I visit from now on.

9. Run a race in Paris. Or just run in Paris. Or just visit Paris…

10. Just keep running.

There it is. My running goals. I’m going to post them on my running page and will tick them off as I accomplish them so keep checking back to see how it’s going. I could realllllly use the encouragement!


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