For those of you who are dyingggg to know my current training plan, I’ve decided to grant your wish. And by “those of you” I mean my 3 loyal readers lol. Anyway…I have 3 races coming up in the next month and a half so my training is specifically geared toward making it through those:


{click on the calendars to enlarge them}

JRG’s Training Calendar Key:

Easy: 13:00ish/mile pace. This is a slooow pace but it allows me to keep going without walking so I stick with it as much as possible.

BGR! Standing Run: Black Girls Run! group run at the National Mall in downtown DC. This weekend will be my first one and I’m so excited!! Check out their blog and find the Facebook group for your area. I’ve only scheduled the one for this weekend because I want to see how much of a hassle it is to get downtown that early in the morning (8am). If all goes well, I’ll make this my official weekend routine for the next few weeks.

TIU Strength Workout: Tone It Up! is my new fitness obsession. The TIU trainers, Katrina and Karena, post a new workout video every Tuesday and their strength circuits are ah.may.zing. They’re difficult but definitely worth it.

NTC Strength Workout: Nike Training Club is a great iPhone fitness app geared towards women. You can choose what kind of workout you want (Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, or Get Focused) and then the app provides you with videos demonstrating the specific moves and the amount of time you should be doing them. You can also set your own playlist.

*Since I’m a beginner when it comes to strength training, my goal is to start with 2 strength sessions per week. I’ll alternate between TIU and NTC to mix it up.

Zumba: Cross-training (XT) is so important to me because I am deathly afraid of getting injured. I tried a few cardio machines last week (elliptical and arc trainer) and I definitely got a good workout in but I was bored to tears. I think Zumba is going to be my XT of choice for now. My gym has the BEST instructor ever and I know that the dance moves are helping me to condition my entire body. I’m scheduling it twice a week, but if I can ever squeeze an extra class in I will definitely do it.

Yoga/Stretching: I love love love yoga. Last winter I developed a slight obsession with Bikram (hot) yoga but my dad talked to the doctor and came home proclaiming that anyone who does Bikram will end up with kidney failure so…that’s out. This week, I’m going to try to find a studio that I like but for now I’ll stick to the yoga classes at my gym and the plethora of yoga DVDs that I already own. I’m also committed to foam rolling and rolling my muscles out with the stick every night before bed. It’s all about injury prevention people!

The last thing I’ll be doing that isn’t on the calendar is the thing I fear the most: ICE BATHS. My plan is to ice the usual suspects once a day (knees, shins, achilles tendon, etc.) and then after each long run, I’ll take a 15 minute ice bath. I’ve never done it before but I know it’ll make a huge difference in my recovery. My legs are getting cold just thinking about it.


So that’s my schedule from now until December 3rd when I’ll run the Hot Chocolate 15k at the National Harbor in Maryland. The next morning, I’ll begin my half marathon training with =PR= Training’s Winter Distance Training Program in Reston, VA which I’ll write more about later.

I’m headed to get a quick yoga session in before a full night of babysitting! Happy Friday :)


2 thoughts on “training.

  1. I am also doing a half marathon! Your training schedule looks very organized yet fun. I may have to take some tips from you. I totally agree with you one ice baths, they are a necessary evil. I was a swimmer in college and they were mandatory at championship meets. Absolutely brutal. I find if you put your ipod in and listen to some music it takes your mind off the cold and makes it go by faster. Great post!

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