let’s recap.

I’ve been really diligent about recording my runs and workouts every day so I figured I’d share them. When I first started running I had no clue what I was doing, and still don’t sometimes. I really wish there were more running blogs for beginners so I’ll start and hopefully there will be more when I’m not a beginner anymore.

So here’s the recap:

Monday, 10/24/11 – Rest

I had planned to do a strength workout and a Zumba class but law school got in the way and I spent the morning finishing a paper instead. An extra day of rest after last Saturday’s 5 mile run was probably good for me anyway. I want to build my mileage slowly so that I can stay healthy and injury-free.

Tuesday, 10/25/11 – 3.1 miles in 40:10 (12:57 avg. pace)

Ran downtown around the Tidal Basin and took a little monument tour. Read about it here.

Wednesday, 10/26/11 – 3.11 miles in 37:58 (12:12 avg. pace)

It was a dreadmill day thanks to the rain, but it turned out to be the fastest 5k I’ve ever run. I’m counting it as my first official tempo run.

Thursday, 10/27/11 – Rest

Like Monday, I had planned to do a strength workout plus a Zumba class but I didn’t wake up until 11am. Once again, I blame law school.

Friday, 10/28/11 – Rest

I had full intentions to hit a yoga class at a new studio I found before I had to go babysit, but Grandma called. And when Grandma calls, you can pretty much forget your plans. I barely had time to eat before it was time to go take care of a few kiddies. And eat kiddie pizza. fail.

Saturday, 10/29/11 – Ghost, Goblins and Ghouls Spooktacular 5k (3.1 miles) 2.51 miles in 31:19 (12:26 avg. pace)

If you read yesterday’s post, you already know that the race didn’t happen for me, but I did do a quick treadmill run. After 2 days of rest, I definitely needed it.

Sunday, 10/30/11 – 5.54 miles in 1:14:27 (13:24 avg. pace)

Super slow long run on the National Mall. I kept a pretty even pace throughout, but I slowed down and relaxed at the lights and when running through crowds. It was the perfect way to end my week and make up for yesterday’s not-so-great treadmill run.


Totals – 

miles this week :: 14.26

miles this month :: 41.14

miles this year :: 157.11 (I’m missing my mileage from January and February before I got my first Garmin watch)


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