behind the blogger.

In an attempt to give myself a mental break from law school and the 4 terrible finals looming over my head, I’ve been catching up on some of my favorite blogs. One of my new favorites, Pace of Me, featured a 21 Pieces post on Monday. I loved reading it and decided to do my own. Here’s part one:

1. I am extremely emotional. I cry at the drop of a hat. The first time I watched Marley and Me I cried like someone ran over Prime and Brody. I once cried during the graduation episode of Laguna Beach. That was a low point. I cry when I’m sad/happy/mad/PMSing. It is what it is. I cry. Whatevs.


2. I am a compulsive shopper. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for my bank account, I don’t discriminate. I love high end fashion and I love vintage. I would spend an entire paycheck on these (if I could fit my “athletic” calves into them), but I’d also spend it in Target. A lot of people think this is a problem, but I guess I’m still in the denial phase.

3. At the risk of sounding like a woman stuck in the 1950s (and not caring at all if I do), my biggest goal in life is to become a mother. I was babysitting before I could even drive. I struggle with feeling like I’m behind. As a kid I thought I’d be married with kids and a white picket fence by now, but I know it will happen in God’s time. And for now I just pretend that my nephews and cousins are my kids.

this is a really old picture but it’s my favorite one of them!

4. My favorite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Before law school took control of my life, I would stay home on Friday nights to watch it with a glass of wine and a stack of magazines. I should totally bring that Friday night ritual back.


5. Speaking of movies/television, my cousin Kelly and I are the craziest Sex and the City fans you’ll ever meet. If someone listened to one of our conversations, there’s a 100% chance they’d hear one of us say, “like that time when Carrie….” One time my friend Janna quoted a Carrie line on twitter and I knew the name of the episode off the top of my head. That’s not normal. In case you were wondering who my SATC alter-ego is, I’m a Charlotte/Carrie hybrid.


6. When I was little my dad introduced me to Florence Griffith-Joyner. I can still remember staring at her long nails when she signed autographs. Maybe that was the day that the running seed was planted. It just took 20 years to grow! I know I’ll never be the next Flo Jo, but I can still make her proud.

7. The best weekend of my life was the second weekend of August 2008: the weekend my dad was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Practically everyone I know traveled to Canton, Ohio for a four day nonstop party. I have never been more proud to be his daughter or to be a member of my family. I can’t wait to take my great-grandkids there one day. I’ll make them replicate this picture:

8. I don’t believe in ever taking my shoes off at a party/wedding/social event. I see these girls on the dance floor barefoot and I cannot even fathom why anyone would do that. Like Carrie said “this is an outfit!” At my line sister’s wedding I did the entire “Move Your Body” dance in a pair of platform Louboutins in order to comply with this rule. If Bey can keep her shoes on, so can I.

9. I’m not really big on expensive jewelry unless it has a meaning behind it. I have plans to buy my future husband and I matching Cartier love bracelets as a wedding gift (is it normal to plan your wedding before you’re engaged?). I’ve always loved friendship bracelets/necklaces and the message of this bracelet is so special. Plus, he can take a wedding band off easily, but he’ll need a screwdriver to get this thing off! I just hope I can wait that long to buy myself one.

10. Since I don’t have any control over my dream of becoming a mother, I’ve started focusing on another dream of mine: to become an amazing cook and hostess. I basically want to be the next Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve already started practicing on my friends and family and so far it’s been going well. I have a huge list of new recipes to try when finals are over and I cannot wait, but this week I’m going to make EatLiveRun’s Chicken Tortilla Soup again. Seriously. Just make it now.

Look out for Behind the Blogger pt.2 next week!


Run Your Heart Out.

Apparently this week is all about my favorite store…

Lululemon has a new line titled Run Your Heart Out and I’ve put every piece on my Christmas list. Especially these running tights. I’m planning to run the ING New York City Marathon next year and Lululemon must have known that I was already excited because they created 3 videos featuring Lulu ambassadors who live and run in my all-time favorite city.

Now that I’m a real runner, I cannot wait to get back to NYC so I can run around the Jackie O Reservoir, across the Brooklyn bridge and past the steps of the Met. And I’m already counting down the days until November 4, 2012. (340 days in case you were wondering the exact number.) So these videos brought a little extra joy to my day. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you!

Ashburn Farm 10k Recap.

On Thanksgiving I completed my FIRST 10k! Ahhh I can’t even believe it! In case you’re new to the blog, I had one goal for this race: to run the entire way (except the water station). I did it! I walked for exactly 1 minute at the mile 3 water station not because I needed to walk, but because I haven’t quite mastered the art of eating 2 shot bloks/drinking a cup of water while running. One day. But let’s start with Friday night…

*I apologize for the horrible quality of today’s photos. I was too lazy to lug my real camera around.

I picked my race bib up and then headed to my Uncle Greg’s house for family pizza night. Carbo-loading at it’s best! I had exactly 2 slices of pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers followed by exactly 1 slice of sweet potato pie. Lately I’ve been feeling like I restrict my calories too much before and after workouts so I made sure I was comfortably full before I finished. Luckily my Aunt cut down the sugar in her pie recipe so I didn’t feel guilty.

The race, which is organized by my other Uncle’s church, raises money for a primary school in Uganda. The small race packet included a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt and even though I wish it was a tech t-shirt, I really love it. I’m actually wearing it right now :)

After dinner, I headed home to get my race outfit together. The weather was supposed to be in the 40s and I was terrified that I would freeze so it took a while for me to figure out what to wear. When I was finished I couldn’t even believe how much stuff I needed for a little 6.2 mile race.

Just in case you can’t decipher that mess…

What I Wore: Ashburn Farm 10k

Long sleeve top
$68 –

$17 –

Asics shoes
$70 –

The North Face glove

Hair accessory
$12 –

: Target
$28 –

: Target
$15 –

To make a long story short, the race wasn’t my fastest nor strongest. This race was all about the mental aspect of this sport. When we started, I watched so many people pass me and I got more and more frustrated with each one. I’m not gonna lie…I felt fat and slow. But I put my headphones on and told myself to focus on running my own race. The first half of the race sucked. I couldn’t get my breathing under control, I knew I was in the back of the pack, and these 2 guys kept using me to pace themselves. If I got too close or passed them, they sped up. The fact that I kept an even pace through that is nothing short of a miracle.

At mile 3, I had 2 shot bloks (I ate 3 before the race) and a cup of water and told myself that I would negative split this race (meaning I would complete the second half of the race faster than the first). I got into a comfortable pace and I focused on passing people one by one. And that’s exactly what I did. I passed both of the guys who were so worried about being chicked. I passed a woman who was run/walking after starting the race too fast and after that I hit a downhill and used it to my full advantage.
I’m so proud of myself for not walking, for achieving a negative split and for finishing strong. I needed this race to prepare me for the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend and the half marathon in March. I needed to know that when I feel like I can’t do it, I can force myself to believe that I can. This race was the definition of believing in the run. That’s 3 end-of-the-year goals completed in a single race!

Did you run a race on Thanksgiving? How did it go?

*p.s. I weighed myself this morning and after the Thanksgiving holiday and a weekend of traveling to a city with never-ending food options, I only gained .4 pounds. If that isn’t a reason to keep running, I don’t know what is.

Let’s Recap.

Monday, 11/21/11 – 2.01 miles in 25:09 (12:27 avg. pace)

I finally added strength back into my workouts! Here’s how I eased my way back in: 5 minute warm-up, 1 mile on treadmill, 30 minute Nike Training Club workout (body flexor) and followed by another mile on the treadmill. I finished with lots of stretching since I knew I had finally used some new muscles.

Tuesday, 11/22/11 – Rest

Monday’s strength workout left my legs feeling dead. My hamstrings and inner thighs were SO sore. Re-starting strength workouts 4 days before my first 10k was probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. So Tuesday was filled with lots of foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday, 11/23/11 – 4.76 miles in 1:00:13 (12:40/mile)

Tried to make this an easy recovery run, but it was difficult. It was so windy that I found myself either running too fast so I could finish sooner or walking because I felt like I couldn’t physically move forward. The run did ease my leg soreness though.

Thursday, 11/24/11 (Thanksgiving) – 6.2 miles in 1:16:33 (12:20 avg. pace) {official results}

My garmin says I did 6.27 miles in the same amount of time making my average pace 12:13/mile. Regardless, I kept my average pace under my typical long run pace. It was a successful first 10k and I’m excited to see how much I can improve before next year’s race. Full recap coming soon.

Friday, 11/25/11 – Rest

My entire family flew to New Orleans on Friday to attend the Bayou Classic for my brother’s last football game. I felt pretty good but decided to rest after the 10k and a day of traveling.

Saturday, 11/26/11 – 3.1 miles in 38 minutes (12:15 avg. pace)

First run in Nola since May! It felt good to be running in the place where it all began. I had planned to do a longer run down St. Charles Ave. past my old apartment but it started drizzling so I decided to stay close to the hotel. Even though I kept a good pace, I struggled through this one. I couldn’t slow my legs down and my lungs just weren’t having it so I walked a little bit.

Sunday, 11/27/11 – Rest

The traveling and weather change did a number on me and I have now developed a lovely cold. I really wanted to run, but I need to stay as healthy as possible for the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend so I skipped it and spent time with my family instead.

Totals –

miles this week :: 16.07

miles this month :: 53.33

miles this year :: 210.47

Long Run ‘List: Christmas Edition

The day after Thanksgiving is all about eating leftovers, bargain shopping and decorating for Christmas. Every year since I can remember, the weekend after Thanksgiving I’ve gone to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a Christmas Tree party. My cousins and I would listen to Stevie Wonder’s Christmas album while we decorated the tree. I guess this tradition taught me that as soon as Thanksgiving comes and goes, I’m allowed to (officially) dust off the Christmas albums. I am so excited for my next long run because I’m planning on listening to these songs while I’m running through the neighborhood watching everyone put up their Christmas lights.

Last year’s Christmas card. 10 points to whoever guesses where the idea came from!

1. *NSYNC. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays :: Random fact of the day – I read once that JC Chasez loved the Redskins and I had a plan to have my Dad give him an autograph in exchange for a chance to meet the group and go to one of their concerts. Not following through with that plan is my biggest regret from middle school. (only half kidding.)

2. New Edition. All I Want for Christmas is my Girl :: I still have this album on tape. That shows how much I loved it. (p.s. I apologize for the bad quality of that video. Seriously, what is that picture? A stuffed animal?)

3. Christina Aguilera. This Christmas :: I love the original version of this song, but I find myself listening to this one more. It reminds me of the old Christina.

4. Diana Ross & The Supremes. My Favorite Things :: I didn’t even know this was a Christmas song until I bought the Motown Christmas album. It makes me so happy.

5. Glee Cast. We Need a Little Christmas :: Every time I hear this song I think about the scene where they went caroling and the British kid yells out “YOU’RE MAKING ME HATE CHRISTMAS!” I found that entirely too funny.

6. Lady Gaga. Christmas Tree :: A Gaga gem. If you clicked on the video and wondered why I posted it, it’s because I was tired of videos with just a picture. Plus, they deserve to have someone post their video after putting all of that effort in!

7. Bobby Helms. Jingle Bell Rock :: two words: Home Alone.

8. Maroon 5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) :: For some reason this song makes me want to cry every time I hear it.

9. Stevie Wonder. Someday at Christmas :: If you watch the old home videos of our Christmas mornings, you can always hear this song in the background. It defines Christmas for me.

10. Glee Cast. Welcome Christmas :: Imagine bundling up and running through your neighborhood on Christmas Eve to look at everyone’s Christmas lights in the snow. Perfection.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is going to be full of everything I love: family, food, running (my first 10k!), and midnight Black Friday shopping. I am thankful every single day for the many blessings God has given me, but I always dwell on them more on Thanksgiving. Today I wanted to share a few of the things I’m thankful for…in pictures. Enjoy!

my family. i’m so thankful God chose me to be a Green.

my siblings. i’m thankful for every laugh, every fight and every memory.

that year in New Orleans that I hated so much. it taught me more than I even realize.

love my sgrho! i’m thankful that i found a sisterhood that fit me perfectly.

i thank God for allowing me to see twenty-five. and to greet it in style.

my brother and sister are both doing BIG things and i’m so thankful that God is behind them every step of the way.

running. i’m thankful for the ability and the passion.

my grandma. i cherish every moment i have with her.

my cousins: Greens and Fenners. i can’t even describe how much i love them.

my parents. God knew what He was doing when He gave me to them.

Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love to you all!!

What’s Happening Wednesday: Currently Coveting.

Once upon a time, I dropped out of college to pursue my dreams of becoming a stylist. I went to work and applied to Parsons The New School for Design. You’ve probably heard of it if you’re a true Project Runway fan. I got in and had basically moved to Manhattan in my mind, but I couldn’t pay for it. So back to JMU I went. What a sad sad story.

Just kidding. Everything turned out for the best because now I’m in law school and I’ll (hopefully!) have enough money to style myself and have a personal shopper when I get out of here. All is right in the world.

But don’t let the casebooks and lawyer glasses fool you. I am still a fashionista at heart and I’m bringing my original love to the blog in the form of Currently Coveting. Get excited people! As a little intro, today I’m introducing you to just a few of the things on my ever-increasing wishlist. Enjoy the eye candy!

Currently Coveting 11/19/11

awareness + change.

If you’re a runner and you don’t read Runner’s World, you should definitely start. It’s my main source of running news and advice. Black Girls Run! was featured in the December 2011 issue of RW in an article titled “Why is Running So White?” and I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and check it out.

The BGR! girls wrote a great response to the article on their blog last weekend and I wanted to post my own thoughts. I’ve joked before about how I, along with most black women, sometimes use my hair as an excuse not to work out. Anyone who argues with that is either delusional, has a never-ending bank account and an on-call stylist or doesn’t care about how they look. But obviously there are a lot of other reasons why I rarely see other black men and women running.

Last summer, when I trained for my first half marathon with Team in Training, I was the only person of color on our team. How is it possible that I was the only black person on a New Orleans-based team? I’m from the suburbs so it was nothing new for me, but looking back, I wish I had tried to bring more diversity into the group.

I thought about sharing my theories about the lack of diversity in the sport, but there doesn’t seem to be a point. The article was well written and eye-opening, but is that enough? Awareness is imperative, but change is the ultimate goal.

I started this blog as a way to document my training and to give myself a creative outlet to balance the stress and monotony of law school. The reason I continue to blog, besides loving it, is that so many people have told me how inspiring it is and how I’ve motivated them to start running too. Most of those people happen to be black. If my running, and writing about it, inspires other black/hispanic/asian people to join me, then I’m contributing to the change.

It has become a goal of mine to convert as many people as I can to running and fitness. Every sport and fitness activity in our country should be diverse and the only way that can happen is if we encourage each other to try new things and break free from stereotypes. If you’re going to the gym tonight, bring a girlfriend. If you miss your high school sports days, form an intramural basketball team with your co-workers or friends. If you want to encourage a family member to start running, convince them to run a half-marathon relay with you. Just find a group of people, filled with those who look like you and those who don’t, and start moving. Neither obesity nor disease discriminate and neither should we.

We’ve identified the problem, now let’s be the change. 

Monday Motivation

Celebrities have to work for it too. 

Heidi Klum and Brooklyn Decker running in my favorite city!

Isn’t this picture of Vanessa Minnillo adorable? Newlywed Glow x1000.

Dancing is most definitely exercise. Beyoncé gets extra points for doing it heels.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel on a run date.

Obvi Pippa Middleton got that famous booty from running.

One day, I’ll be using my Hermès Birkin as a gym bag too. One day. (p.s. I don’t care what anyone says, I still love Kimmie K.)

Jessica Biel always looks perfectly put together when she runs. Take note people: running/working out in your ill-fitting, stained, “I painted my living room in these” clothes is NOT cute. Don’t do it.

“I dated Alex Rodriguez and all I got was the most amazing arms you’ve ever seen.” – Cameron Diaz

What are your workout plans for today?!

*all photos via