what’s happening wednesday.

It’s 1:30 pm and the only productive thing I’ve done today is get a relaxer and a blow-out. I tried the whole natural thing for a few weeks, but I will never be the girl with the cute afro, nor do I want to be, and it was too much work keeping it straight. I’m Team Creamy Crack all the way. But I digress…

I have a couple of things to write about, but none of them go together so I’m just posting a bunch of randomness that I’m hoping someone will appreciate. For those of you who read yesterday’s athlete post and are back today because of it: THANK YOU! I really appreciate all of the kind words I received on facebook and twitter and I hope I can continue to write things worthy of reading…tomorrow. For now, you’ll have to settle for What’s Happening Wednesday:

#1: a confession – I haven’t run since Sunday. After Sunday’s long run, my knees weren’t too happy with me so I decided to lay off for a few days. Thanks to my impulse relaxer decision, I probably won’t run again for the next 2 days (gotta get my money’s worth!) so basically this week is gonna be an adventure in laziness. I read yesterday that you start to lose fitness after just TWO days of not running, but I just can’t bring myself to wash that $100 relaxer/trim/blowout down the drain. I think hair is one of the main reasons that so many black women are overweight and find it difficult to stick to a fitness routine. I also think that statement deserves an overused, but necessary SMH.

#2: Last night, I attended the Baltimore stop of the Watch The Throne tour. Another confession – I haven’t even listened to the whole album. Turns out, it didn’t matter because I still knew most of the songs and Jay-Z and Kanye did a lot of their own songs. Lesson learned from the concert: I am a diehard Kanye West superfan. I like Jay too, but I found myself singing (rapping?) along to every word of Kanye’s songs and just kind of standing there or instagramming my pictures when Jay was up. For those of you unfortunate souls who don’t own an iPhone, instagram is an app that takes your regular camera phone pictures and turns them into this:

and my personal favorite…

#3: Instead of reading for Professional Responsibility like the good law student that I am, I’m about to go through my entire iTunes music library to make a bomb Watch The Throne playlist that will motivate me to sweat my hair out and go for a run tomorrow. I’ll post it here on Friday. Until then, you can tweet me your fave Jay/Ye songs and I’ll add them. Don’t even bother sending me The New Workout Plan though, it’s already Track #1.


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