let’s recap.

This week’s recap goes a little something like this…

Monday, 10/31/11 – Rest

Tuesday, 11/1/11 – Unplanned Rest

Wednesday, 11/2/11 – Hair Salon Induced Rest

Thursday, 11/3/11 – Same as Wednesday 

Friday, 11/4/11 – STRUGGLED through a 1.3 mile run in 16:42 (12:38 avg. pace)

Saturday, 11/5/11 – 6.2 miles in 1:21:05 (13:04 avg. pace)

Longest long run to date with no walking and my first 10k! Ran on the W&OD Trail and it was absolutely gorgeous. I already loved fall, but running has made me love it even more. I felt like I was keeping a good pace in the first half, but I really started to lose steam during the second. It’s getting to the point where I need to start carrying water during my long runs so I can refuel and rehydrate halfway through. I had a cramp in my upper back for the last mile and a half and I have no clue how I pushed through it without walking. I’m really glad I did though.

Sunday, 11/6/11 – 2.51 miles in 32:44 (13:02 avg. pace)

This was a super easy recovery run. I kept my pace as slow as possible and tried to focus on how my body was feeling. I normally don’t run on Sundays, but I read that short, easy runs can aid recovery after long runs. My legs felt good, a bit sore, but mostly I just felt a little tired (which could have been from staying out until 2am the night before). I’m going to try it for the next few weeks and see how my body responds.

Not my best week, but definitely not my worst either! My goal for the next few weeks is to continue to build my foundation and achieve consistency in my training. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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