a runner’s diary.

Dear Training Log,

If you gave me more than 5 lines two write in, this is what I would say….

According to my Garmin, I ran 3.12 miles in 39:35 with a 12:42/mile average pace. According to Nike+, I ran 3.2 miles in 40:32 with a 12:38/mile average pace. I’m gonna go with Garmin. It’s always better to round down. It was my first night run thanks to Daylight Savings and I ran on Connecticut Ave. right near my school.

I had originally planned to run this morning before my first class. I even went to bed over an hour early and woke up on time. I just couldn’t get out of bed. Nevertheless, I got dressed in a cute running outfit that I wouldn’t feel dumb wearing to class: a black Champion racerback tank from Target under a grayLululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve with gray Nike cropped running tights and decided to run right after my last class. I left the house early and got to campus with enough time to get Starbucks which never happens. I thought that meant this was going to be an extra special day, but a death in my extended family and a stupid fight with a really good friend destroyed all chances of that.

By the end of the day, I was so anxious that I could barely sit still in my last class. I really wasn’t feeling great. I was hungry and just ready for bed, but I had to run. I had to. I didn’t even realize how much I needed it until I pushed Start on my Garmin and took off. No music. No running partner. I used to be wary of running at night, but I realized that if you pick the right area and take the right safety precautions (no headphones, wear your Road ID or carry an ID, wear bright or reflective clothing, and choose well-lit/well populated areas), it can be a surprisingly peaceful run. Not once during that 40 minutes did I think about any of my problems. I just thought about pushing myself up those hills (holy Connecticut Ave. hills!). The highlight of the night was when I ran past this adorable old man and he said, “You better put a sweater on honey, it’s getting cold out here!” So cute. I didn’t have any pain in my legs during the run, but I did get a monster cramp in my back at the end. (again, HOLY hills!)

{Don’t let this small picture fool you. That first hill lasted for a HALF mile! insanity.}

Lessons Learned:

1. Running really does make everything better. (corny? maybe.)

2. I have to make better choices during the day if I expect to run well. I kept a pretty even pace throughout but I reallllly had to work for it. I know I would’ve felt better if I had eaten better throughout the day.

3. Throughout the run, my pace dropped down as fast as 7:00/mile several times. In fact, my Garmin says that my best pace was 5:25/mile. I’m sure that was only for like .5 seconds on one of the steep downhills, but who cares about the specifics. It happened. I know that the speed is there. It’s in my blood. Right now I’m focusing on the endurance, but I know without a doubt that this time next year those 7 minute miles will be an everyday occurrence. It might even be sooner than that.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s 4-miler is even better!




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