Long Run ‘List: 11:06

Yesterday morning I ran 4.55 miles in 56:49. The first half of the run was awful. I’m talking 13 minute miles, rolling hills, a suffocating headwind literally blocking my body from going forward, a random pain in my shoulder that felt like I was being stabbed and even a few minutes of walking. It was not pretty.

At mile 2.28, I got to my turnaround point and decided to literally turn things around. It had been 30 minutes and I knew I wanted to beat that in the 2nd half. As soon as I crossed the street to head back to the start, my body woke up. I sped up, my breathing steadied, and my legs felt amazing. I powered my way up every single hill and kept my pace under 12:00/mile the entire way back. And then something amazing happened. I ran my fastest mile ever. According to Nike+ my fastest mile before today was 11:30. I think my Garmin had it at 11:45. Today, mile 4 was 11:06 (Garmin). (Nike+ clocked it at 11:01) I shaved 29 seconds off of my fastest mile time and I’m only a minute away from my current goal pace. I tried to keep it as close to 11:00 as possible for the remainder of the run, but there was a monster hill at the end of mile 4 that literally tried to kill me so I settled for keeping it under 12:00. This time next year I’ll be dropping 8 minute miles like it’s nothing. That’s a promise. But for now, I’m proud of my 11:06.

Maybe it was the tailwind. Maybe it was my mental determination to achieve a negative split. Maybe it was my completely random running playlist. I’m gonna believe that it was just me and my newly discovered athletic ability, but I’m keeping the playlist just in case.

1. Jamiroquai. Canned Heat :: This song came on right as I hit a short downhill. I started thinking about the movie Center Stage and how Jody killed this song the same way I was about to kill this mile. Cheesy? definitely. But it worked.

2. Superchick. One More :: “If I can overcome step one, I can face the 99.” Enough said.

3. Kanye West and Jay-Z. Who Gon Stop Me :: This song pumps me up every time. Except the end. The end makes me feel like I’m in a scene from Limitless. (If you didn’t get that you obviously haven’t seen this movie. Please find your local redbox and rent it tonight!)

4. Glee Cast. Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do :: My name is Jerrell and I love Glee, musicals and Glee songs from musicals. And this is my jam.

5. Fireflight. Unbreakable :: “God I want to dream again. Take me where I’ve never been. I want to go there, this time I’m not scared. Now I am unbreakable. It’s unmistakeable. No one can touch me. Nothing can stop me.” Just download this song now.

6. Coldplay feat. Rihanna. Princess of China :: I could probably run to the new Coldplay album from beginning to end. But this song is my current favorite. Sometimes I need a mellow song to calm my breathing and even my pace. This one is mellow without being too slow.

7. Ace Hood feat. Jazmine Sullivan. Champion :: When this song comes on I pretend that I’m not running through the suburbs. It goes too hard for the ‘burbs. (I just made myself laugh so hard with that one.)

8. Britney Spears. Toxic :: This song is a guaranteed speed enhancer. Guaranteed. Here’s hoping all of this running is guaranteed to give me Britney’s (old) body too.

9. Danity Kane. Sucka For Love :: Does anyone else miss Making the Band? Just me? That show was the ultimate guilty pleasure and this song was my jam. Still is apparently.

10. Day26. Exclusive (No Excuses) :: You can’t include Danity Kane without including these guys too. My best friend Amber and I used to listen to this song so much that my boyfriend (at the time) ended up singing it nonstop. Every time I think about it I die laughing all over again.

How many miles are YOU running this weekend and what songs are you using to push your pace?


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