let’s recap.

Monday, 11/14/11 – Rest

I really wanted to go to Zumba, but since my long run last weekend was on Sunday I felt that I should keep it as a rest day.

Tuesday, 11/15/11 – 3.61 miles in 46:01 (12:45 avg. pace)

This was a tough run. I started out a little too fast (trying not to be embarrassed in front of my classmates since I started in front of my school. dumb.) Because of that, I didn’t give myself enough of a warm-up and I really struggled during the first half. That’s kind of a pattern with my running right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Connecticut Ave is SO hilly! My legs were burning the entire way so I took advantage of every single light. I even stopped for water at a Subway at the halfway point. I knew I was running slower than I like to so I upped my mileage just a little so I wouldn’t feel so bad.

Wednesday, 11/16/11 – Unplanned Rest

I had plans to either run or go to Zumba. I packed my gym bag and everything. I don’t know if it was the rain or the monster traffic I had to fight through to get back to the gym, but once I got there, I just kept driving. I just couldn’t get myself to go. It probably ended up being a good thing though because my hamstrings were feeling really tight and I’m trying to be super safe. NO injuries for this girl!

Thursday, 11/17/11 – 4.55 miles in 56:49 (12:29 avg. pace)

Great run! Fastest mile to date (11:06) and a best pace of 9:35. Read all about it here.

Friday, 11/18/11 – Rest

Hair Appointment! That means 2 full days of whipping my hair. I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

Saturday, 11/19/11 – Rest

Spent the day hosting a baby shower for my sorority sister! Missing my long run and probably gaining 5 pounds after stuffing my face with Qdoba and candy all day was worth every moment with my sisters.

Sunday, 11/20/11 – 4.96 miles in 1:01:02 (12:18 avg. pace)

Sunday was a sad day for my family. I celebrated a new life on Saturday and the very next day we mourned the loss of another. I wasn’t going to run, but then I thought about the fact that my cousin, who battled lupus for over 10 years, didn’t have the option of running. God chose to give me health and I refuse to take it for granted any longer. So I ran for her. Every time I got tired, I told myself I had the God-given ability to keep going. And I did.

Totals –

miles this week :: 13.12

miles this month :: 37.26

miles this year :: 194.4


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