What’s Happening Wednesday: Currently Coveting.

Once upon a time, I dropped out of college to pursue my dreams of becoming a stylist. I went to work and applied to Parsons The New School for Design. You’ve probably heard of it if you’re a true Project Runway fan. I got in and had basically moved to Manhattan in my mind, but I couldn’t pay for it. So back to JMU I went. What a sad sad story.

Just kidding. Everything turned out for the best because now I’m in law school and I’ll (hopefully!) have enough money to style myself and have a personal shopper when I get out of here. All is right in the world.

But don’t let the casebooks and lawyer glasses fool you. I am still a fashionista at heart and I’m bringing my original love to the blog in the form of Currently Coveting. Get excited people! As a little intro, today I’m introducing you to just a few of the things on my ever-increasing wishlist. Enjoy the eye candy!

Currently Coveting 11/19/11

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