Let’s Recap.

Monday, 11/21/11 – 2.01 miles in 25:09 (12:27 avg. pace)

I finally added strength back into my workouts! Here’s how I eased my way back in: 5 minute warm-up, 1 mile on treadmill, 30 minute Nike Training Club workout (body flexor) and followed by another mile on the treadmill. I finished with lots of stretching since I knew I had finally used some new muscles.

Tuesday, 11/22/11 – Rest

Monday’s strength workout left my legs feeling dead. My hamstrings and inner thighs were SO sore. Re-starting strength workouts 4 days before my first 10k was probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. So Tuesday was filled with lots of foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday, 11/23/11 – 4.76 miles in 1:00:13 (12:40/mile)

Tried to make this an easy recovery run, but it was difficult. It was so windy that I found myself either running too fast so I could finish sooner or walking because I felt like I couldn’t physically move forward. The run did ease my leg soreness though.

Thursday, 11/24/11 (Thanksgiving) – 6.2 miles in 1:16:33 (12:20 avg. pace) {official results}

My garmin says I did 6.27 miles in the same amount of time making my average pace 12:13/mile. Regardless, I kept my average pace under my typical long run pace. It was a successful first 10k and I’m excited to see how much I can improve before next year’s race. Full recap coming soon.

Friday, 11/25/11 – Rest

My entire family flew to New Orleans on Friday to attend the Bayou Classic for my brother’s last football game. I felt pretty good but decided to rest after the 10k and a day of traveling.

Saturday, 11/26/11 – 3.1 miles in 38 minutes (12:15 avg. pace)

First run in Nola since May! It felt good to be running in the place where it all began. I had planned to do a longer run down St. Charles Ave. past my old apartment but it started drizzling so I decided to stay close to the hotel. Even though I kept a good pace, I struggled through this one. I couldn’t slow my legs down and my lungs just weren’t having it so I walked a little bit.

Sunday, 11/27/11 – Rest

The traveling and weather change did a number on me and I have now developed a lovely cold. I really wanted to run, but I need to stay as healthy as possible for the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend so I skipped it and spent time with my family instead.

Totals –

miles this week :: 16.07

miles this month :: 53.33

miles this year :: 210.47


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