Ashburn Farm 10k Recap.

On Thanksgiving I completed my FIRST 10k! Ahhh I can’t even believe it! In case you’re new to the blog, I had one goal for this race: to run the entire way (except the water station). I did it! I walked for exactly 1 minute at the mile 3 water station not because I needed to walk, but because I haven’t quite mastered the art of eating 2 shot bloks/drinking a cup of water while running. One day. But let’s start with Friday night…

*I apologize for the horrible quality of today’s photos. I was too lazy to lug my real camera around.

I picked my race bib up and then headed to my Uncle Greg’s house for family pizza night. Carbo-loading at it’s best! I had exactly 2 slices of pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers followed by exactly 1 slice of sweet potato pie. Lately I’ve been feeling like I restrict my calories too much before and after workouts so I made sure I was comfortably full before I finished. Luckily my Aunt cut down the sugar in her pie recipe so I didn’t feel guilty.

The race, which is organized by my other Uncle’s church, raises money for a primary school in Uganda. The small race packet included a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt and even though I wish it was a tech t-shirt, I really love it. I’m actually wearing it right now :)

After dinner, I headed home to get my race outfit together. The weather was supposed to be in the 40s and I was terrified that I would freeze so it took a while for me to figure out what to wear. When I was finished I couldn’t even believe how much stuff I needed for a little 6.2 mile race.

Just in case you can’t decipher that mess…

What I Wore: Ashburn Farm 10k

Long sleeve top
$68 –

$17 –

Asics shoes
$70 –

The North Face glove

Hair accessory
$12 –

: Target
$28 –

: Target
$15 –

To make a long story short, the race wasn’t my fastest nor strongest. This race was all about the mental aspect of this sport. When we started, I watched so many people pass me and I got more and more frustrated with each one. I’m not gonna lie…I felt fat and slow. But I put my headphones on and told myself to focus on running my own race. The first half of the race sucked. I couldn’t get my breathing under control, I knew I was in the back of the pack, and these 2 guys kept using me to pace themselves. If I got too close or passed them, they sped up. The fact that I kept an even pace through that is nothing short of a miracle.

At mile 3, I had 2 shot bloks (I ate 3 before the race) and a cup of water and told myself that I would negative split this race (meaning I would complete the second half of the race faster than the first). I got into a comfortable pace and I focused on passing people one by one. And that’s exactly what I did. I passed both of the guys who were so worried about being chicked. I passed a woman who was run/walking after starting the race too fast and after that I hit a downhill and used it to my full advantage.
I’m so proud of myself for not walking, for achieving a negative split and for finishing strong. I needed this race to prepare me for the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend and the half marathon in March. I needed to know that when I feel like I can’t do it, I can force myself to believe that I can. This race was the definition of believing in the run. That’s 3 end-of-the-year goals completed in a single race!

Did you run a race on Thanksgiving? How did it go?

*p.s. I weighed myself this morning and after the Thanksgiving holiday and a weekend of traveling to a city with never-ending food options, I only gained .4 pounds. If that isn’t a reason to keep running, I don’t know what is.

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