Long Run ‘List: Hot Chocolate 15k Edition

I train with and without music so that I never feel like I’m dependent on it. I used to have a strict no-music-during-races rule. I just feel like I’ve worked so hard to get to the race that I want to be present for every minute of it. But I broke that rule last weekend during the Ashburn Farm 10k. I needed the music to distract me from the negative thoughts that were threatening to ruin my race.

Tomorrow I’m running my first 15k and I’m as nervous as I am excited. I struggled last week during the 10k and I’m really nervous that I won’t be able to run the entire way. On the other hand, I’m excited about the possibility of accomplishing that goal and celebrating by refueling with lots of chocolate at the finish line.

As much as I want to finish this race without any music, I’ve decided to create a race specific playlist just in case I feel my confidence wavering at any time. I run with my iPhone so I’ll just stick my headphones in my iFitness belt and hope that I never need them.

1. Olivia Ruiz. La Femme Chocolat :: If my dusty French skills are still legit, this song is about a woman who has eaten too much chocolate. Gotta finish this race so I can sing it from experience!

2. Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé. Lift Off :: For someone who attended the Watch the Throne tour without ever listening to the album, I’ve become abnormally obsessed with it. This is my current favorite running song. The chorus is perfect. How many people do I know who can take running as far as I have? Sadly, not many. And I’m not even done yet.

3. Coldplay. Paradise :: It’s so important for me to listen to songs that have a good beat without being too fast because I have a problem with running faster than I should during long runs. This one helps me pace myself. The video is super cute too.

4. Janet Jackson. Rhythm Nation :: 80s/90s Janet is my favorite Janet. I freely jam this song constantly. I remember having my own dance concerts in my basement to this. I replay all of the moves in my head when I run to it.

5. Katy Perry. Hot N Cold :: For a few dreadful months I worked at Planet Hollywood in Orlando. During the day and in their stores, they play a video loop all day long that includes music videos and movie clips. After a few weeks there, I would hear that loop in my dreams (nightmares?). This song was on it and somehow I never got tired of it. Probably because the video is so funny.

6. Karmin. 6’7″ Cover :: I’m no Lil Wayne fan. I’m actually the opposite of a Lil Wayne fan. But somehow this girl made me love this song. I get SO excited when it comes on during a run. It’s really great for tempo runs.

7. Jessie J. Do It Like a Dude :: Speaking of YouTube sensations. I am obsessed with Jessie J. When this song comes on I’m guaranteed to chick at least one guy. He might be an old man, but he’s still getting chicked. If you aren’t convinced of Jessie J’s talent yet, please watch this and this.

8. Glee Cast. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You :: This right here is the reason I love this show. How amazing did Santana look? She looked like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. Watch it, download it, sing it, run to it.

9. Gavin DeGraw. Follow Through (Live from SoHo) :: By the time I get to this song, I’m sure I’ll be tired and ready to finish this race. Thankfully, my running partner will be there as my personal cheerleader and I’m gonna make sure he’s near the end when I need him. This song reminds me of him. And that’s a post for another day…

10. Florence + The Machine. Cosmic Love :: I love love love this song! I use it a lot for fartleks. I pace myself according to the pace of the song. It’s a great way to work on my speed while distracting myself from the burning in my lungs. I put this song at the end of my playlist because I know it will help me to speed up at the end.

Here’s hoping the race is as amazing as the Ghirardelli chocolate fondue at the finish line!


2 thoughts on “Long Run ‘List: Hot Chocolate 15k Edition

  1. Great play list! I feel the same way about racing with music. I have only used it a few times, all since having my third baby. Sometimes it is really helpful! I almost always listen to music when on the treadmill.
    I’m going to be at the race tomorrow too!! Maybe I will see you by the chocolate :)

    • I definitely can’t do the treadmill without music unless there’s a really great show or movie on!

      Yes you will definitely find me by the chocolate lol! Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll run a fantastic race!

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