Another Month, Another Training Cycle.

Sunday marked day 1 of my RnR USA half marathon training cycle. For the next 15 weeks, I’m dedicating myself to training like an athlete. Minimal late nights, eliminating junk food and alcohol (except special occasions like New Year’s…duh), supplementing my running with strength training and yoga, icing like it’s my second job and basically marrying my foam roller.

As this training cycle gets underway, I’ve been thinking about my goals for this race and I’ve been nervous about sharing them. I’ve seen other bloggers announce their goals and then feel horrible when they fail to accomplish them, but I’ve also seen it go the other way. I’ve chosen to share them because the support I receive through this blog is so important to me and I know I’ll need it throughout the next 4 months. Having people comment/tweet/text me saying I inspire them or telling me they’re proud of me far outweighs the embarrassment I may feel if things don’t go the way I want them to go. So here goes…

Original Goal:

Run the entire way (except water stations) and finish under 3 hours (22 minute PR).

Current Goal:

Finish in 2:45 (12:35 avg pace) which is a comfortable pace for me now, but I haven’t tried to maintain it for longer than 6 miles. (37 minute PR)

Ambitious Goal:

To finish in 2:30 (11:27 avg pace) which is a pace I can currently maintain for 1-2 miles (haven’t tried to maintain it for longer than that yet). (52 minute PR)

I’m comfortable with these goals and believe that with prayer, dedication and hard work, I can accomplish even the most ambitious of the three. I’m looking forward to March 18, 2012 when I can post pictures of my shiny new medal and details of my shiny new PR!



3 thoughts on “Another Month, Another Training Cycle.

  1. Jerrell, this is awesome! I admire you for putting your goals out there. That takes courage, and I know that because I have been there and can completely relate. I am still sort of in awe of the fact that I am marathon training again, feeling excited but also scared. Scared of failing, scared of putting myself out there again. But in my heart I know I can do it and that by sharing my journey I may inspire others along the way, whether I “succeed” or not. Great post and I hope to see you soon!!!

    • Thank you so much! I feel the exact same way! I’m scared but I’m incredibly excited because I have complete faith in myself. And inspiring people is the best part of blogging for me. So it’s a win/win either way! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean but putting yourself out there and listing your goals for all to see! I was nervous/scared doing that myself, but I feel like it’s helped keep me more accountable to my runs (I’m training for a marathon…first race ever). I look forward to keeping up with your blog and training! Go girl!! :)

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