Long Run ‘List: Inspiration Edition

I’m kind of ashamed to admit it but…this week of running has been extremely blah for me.  I’ve finished my runs without any major problems. I don’t have any injuries. I’ve just been on auto-pilot. Even at my first speed workout on Wednesday, my mind was somewhere else. Actually this entire week has been blah for me in general. I have a 6 mile run planned for tomorrow and I really want to enjoy it so this week’s playlist is all about inspiration. I need some songs that will wake me up and push me out of this funk. Warning: this playlist is superrrr random.

1. Paramore. Hallelujah :: One of my favorite Paramore songs. I love that it’s upbeat and mellow at the same time.

2. Flo Rida. Good Feeling :: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love this song. How can you listen to it and not move your shoulders? Try it. I dare you.

3. Lady Antebellum. Just A Kiss :: I’m not really a Country music fan, but this song is so sweet. It’s the perfect description of new love. And it’s slower so it’ll bring my pace back down after my Flo Rida jam.

4. Jessie J. Nobody’s Perfect :: Favorite Jessie J song for sure. Especially this acoustic version. I’ve watched it at least 100 times. (She starts singing at 1:00)

5. Kirk Franklin. I Smile :: There’s no room for blah feelings when this song is on. It wills you into a happy state.

6. Natalie Maines. God Only Knows :: I love the original Beach Boys version of this song, but this version is definitely my favorite.

7. BarlowGirl. Sing Me A Love Song :: I couldn’t find a good video of this song anywhere (sad face), but its a beautiful song about letting God remind you of who you are and who He created you to be in the midst of those times when you’re feeling unsure/insecure/useless/etc.

8. Kanye West feat. Adam Levine. Heard ‘Em Say :: I could listen to Adam Levine all day long. I have no idea why, I just love his voice. This is one of my favorite Kanye songs. I have about 25 favorite Kanye songs in case you hadn’t already noticed.

9. Lily Allen. The Fear :: I really miss Lily Allen. The lyrics to this song are so relevant to today’s obsessive culture.

10. Glee Cast. We Are Young :: I may have gotten a little teary-eyed when they performed this song last week. Although the verses aren’t that..uplifting…the chorus is. It makes me want to do something young and amazing. Like form a band. or write a book. or run 6 miles. Let’s all watch it again…


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