I know I said I’d resume regular blog posts today, but…I lied.

Christmas is over and I’m in this post-holiday lull. My friends are making New Year’s Eve plans, planning impromptu trips before real life resumes, hitting up the holiday sales/returning things. And I’m just kind of hanging out. I have no desire to make NYE plans or go anywhere for that matter. I want to blog, but my inspiration is lacking. I barely feel like running. And I have absolutely no money to shop.  And I’m totally fine with that.

I’m going to spend this week relaxing. I want to use the rest of this week to reflect on 2011 and plan 2012. I have so many goals to accomplish, so many things to change and so many things to do/see. But they’ll all have to wait until January 1st.

Because this girl is on vacation until then.



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