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Hi! My name is Jerrell. I’m a 25 year old law student, Christ-follower, runner, blogger, hopeless romantic, style stalker, magazine hoarder and aspiring cook.

Jared, Mom, Joi, Dad and Me

I’m the eldest child of Jewell and Darrell. You may recognize DG as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame…


but according to my 7 year old cousin Malani, Jewell is the famous one. {p.s. you should check out her blog too! I blog there every Tuesday, but every day of the week there’s something amazing!}


I’m pretty much obsessed with my baby siblings, Jared and Joi, and our 2 dogs, Optimus Prime Green (Pit Bull) and Brody Jenner Green (Malti-Poo). Yes, they have nicknames: Prime and Brody. I have the best family (and extremely extended family!) in the world and there’s nothing I love more than spending time with all of them.

This blog is a compilation of all the things I love in life. Jesus, my family and friends, running, fashion writing, pictures, music, cooking/baking, and just basically living. I have no set plans for this blog, I’m just gonna see where it takes me. This blog has started to focus on running more and more. I throw other things in here and there, but since my running journey is the most dominating thing right now (besides law school, but who wants to read about that) that’s what I write most about. I think running blogs are really lacking in the beginner department and I’m hoping to change that.

In November 2010, I started running to lose weight and keep myself from going crazy while studying for my first set of law school finals. A year later (November 2011), I’m still running and trying to lose weight, but running has become a passion and not just a means to an end. I have big plans for myself as a runner and a new athlete and I’m really excited to see how far I can go. 2012 is going to be full of training, races and accomplishing my first set of running goals. So keep reading and keep running!

xoxo, Jerrell

*the blog’s subtitle has many meanings {besides the literal translation} the total of which sum up my philosophy for life.


5 thoughts on “jerrellrenee.

  1. Wow! I find it ironic that your goal for starting your blog is pretty much the same mine. I blogging about my christian growth also, and trying to answer questions that i encounter daily in my faith. Looking forward to reading your posts!!!

  2. Hey Jerrell, it’s me, Ms. Shon, I guess you are old enough to call me Shon now!! I am so proud of you and really excited for all that God will do in your life. Embrace 25 it is AWESOME!!
    I am also in 2 months away from a big milestone in my life too and have started to blog!! God is sweet to allow more than one of His princesses the opportunity to blog about Him and His goodness.
    We love you and take care!! Oh,

  3. Hi Jerrell! I am so excited we found each other on Twitter! I wasn’t sure if you would see me comment back to you on my blog, so thought I would write to you here. First off all – I love your blog and am excited to read it and follow along with your journey!
    Second, the =PR= program is really truly wonderful! I loved participating in it for my fall marathon and saw huge improvement in my running. Also, I made new friends who will be friends for life – whether we are running or not ;o) I am already signed up for the winter DTP program. I know you will love it. You can accomplish what you set out to do! It will take a lot of hard work and smart training, but you can do it!! And please come to the lululemon run club! i’m so excited to start it – the first one is Dec 4th at 8:30am. We will meet at the Reston Pilates studio, do a quick mat class, and then hit the trails. Please feel free to bring friends – all are welcome!
    Thanks so much for reaching out and I am really looking forward to meeting you in person soon :o) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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