Currently Coveting.


Maybe it’s my prep school background, but there’s something so chic about a cap-toe shoe. I love cap-toe ballet flats, but I’m also really loving the pump trend I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. I think these shoes take every look to another level and I want every single pair for Christmas. I’m not even kidding Santa.

Currently Coveting: Cap-Toe Shoes


Yves Saint Laurent suede high heels
$269 –

Zara cap toe pumps
$90 –

KORS Michael Kors michael kors shoes
$195 –

Zara cap toe pumps
$80 –

Reed Krakoff slip on shoes
$495 –


Closet Love.

Between running 5 days a week and studying nonstop, I have been looking pretty…bummy lately. Sweatshirts. Leopard print pajama pants. Juicy Couture knee socks (THE best!). And if I put something other than Uggs on my feet, I must be going to church. And let’s be honest…I wear Uggs to church sometimes too. But now that I’ve completed my last final (!!!), I’m ready to get back to my old self. I need a little glamour in my life.

Source: via Jerrell on Pinterest


As soon as I finished my Con Law final last night, I went to Cusp and bought this Dogeared Light as a Feather necklace using a gift card I’ve been saving all semester. I fully believe in rewarding yourself for hard work. I was tempted to buy clothes instead, but I realized I already have SO many clothes that I’ve been neglecting. I rushed home, “shopped” my own closet and ended up with a rack full of Fall goodies, most of which I forgot I even had.

I’m challenging myself to spend the next month creating, mixing and matching looks from my own closet without spending any money on new clothes. I think this is the perfect way to get out of my fashion rut, to appreciate what I already have and to remind myself of the essentials that I’m missing. When I start shopping again, I’ll know exactly what to look for. I already know one thing I’m missing: COLOR. I love my neutrals/blacks, but as you can see, I need a little more color in my life.

I hope you’ll all join me in this Closet Love challenge! I’m starting today, December 20th and going to January 20th. Feel free to join at any time! I’ll be posting pictures of my daily outfits on tumblr and I’ll do a weekly round-up here as well. I’ll also post my outfit inspirations on Pinterest (obvi my new obsession). I’d love to see your looks as well. Tweet/Facebook/Email them to me (jerrellreneeblogs{at}gmail{dot}com) and I’ll post them here in my weekly round-up!

I’m off to catch up on the stack of magazines I purchased and never got to read this semester. That’s my idea of the perfect way to start this Christmas Break!


“You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning.

It’s a way of life.

Without it you’re nobody.

…and I’m not talking about a lot of clothes.”

“I’m terrible on facts. But I always have an idea.

If you have an idea, you’re well ahead.”

“The only real elegance is in the mind. 

If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

*all images via Pinterest

Diana Vreeland


Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Editor (1937-1962); Editor-in-Chief of Vogue (1962-1971)

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

via Pinterest

One of my best guy friends is getting ready for his first Christmas with his girlfriend, and after spoiling her these past few months, he needs a little help topping himself. I already suggested this leopard print Louis Vuitton scarf because it’s fabulous and I’ve been asking for it for myself for 2 years now. I want someone I know to own it! But I put together this gift guide just in case he needs more options…


Gift Guide: For Her

Alexander Wang sweater
£415 –

Current/Elliott leopard skinny jeans
£200 –

$605 –

Reed Krakoff leather shoes
$495 –

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
$1,495 –

Proenza Schouler suede bag
$895 –

Alexander Wang sling bag
£655 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs python handbag
$190 –

Yves Saint Laurent gold plated jewelry
$250 –

Happy Shopping!!

i love your style: Elizabeth Olsen

I’m a little over a month younger than the Olsen twins and as a kid, I adored them. That adoration continues to this day. I die for 75% of Ashley’s wardrobe. But lately, their younger sister Elizabeth has stolen the spotlight. I love that her personal style shines through in everything she wears whether she’s at a movie premiere, a party or just walking down a NYC street. She knows how to build a look around one statement piece and her style is pretty much the definition of effortless chic.

New York Times

Wonderland Magazine

Wearing Calvin Klein at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Tribute

Wearing the Louboutin Mikarani flat.

With MKA at a NYLON party.

a person’s airport style says as much about them as their party style.

In Cannes promoting her film Martha Marcy May Marlene

Statement necklace at the HFPA Luncheon

I die for Missoni.

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

I’m a single girl right now, but I do have a baby brother (who’s actually 22 and about 8 inches taller than me) and a “cool” dad so I’m always brainstorming good Christmas ideas for them.

I threw in some fitness items because they both exercise daily, but I’ve also included a few “clean-up” items for when they go out. My brother would wear every single item on this list so for any of you dating a 20-something guy, take notes.

*disclaimer: I obviously have expensive taste and I know a lot of the items I post are a bit pricey. That does not mean that I always buy those things. That’s just where I start. I find what I love and then if I can’t afford it, I find the best less-expensive version of it. I think mixing highs and lows is the best thing about fashion and it makes shopping more fun. (Post on that coming soon…)

Gift Guide: For Him

Christmas Gift Guide: Winter Runner

It’s Saturday and, although I’ll be in a final exam this afternoon, I’m guessing most of you will be out Christmas shopping. I’m super behind on my shopping, and by behind I mean haven’t even started, so during my study breaks I’ve been online window shopping. You know what that means! You’re getting your very own JerrellReneeRun’s Gift Guides! Starting with (what else?) a runner’s Christmas list.

A Runner's Christmas List


Nike activewear
$50 –
Every runner needs a pair of warm-weather running tights this season. Besides Lululemon, Nike is my go-to brand for running gear because it lasts forever and always delivers.

Nike activewear
$175 –
Nike keeps sending me emails taunting me with this jacket. It’s pricey, but it’s wind and water resistant (you’d be surprised how many running jackets aren’t), it has thumbholes and hand warmers and a thermal lining. I hope you’re reading this Mom!

It’s no secret that I love this shirt. I have it in 3 colors and I want 13 more. It keeps me so warm and this pink color will keep me looking cute even when I’m freezing.

Equipment sports activewear
$25 –
I just love all Lulu water bottles. This one says “I love running…it makes my calves look good in heels.” This is a cute stocking stuffer for the runner in your life.

I’ve recently fallen back in love with yoga and it has become essential to my half-marathon training. I think every runner should try a yoga class at least once a week to get a good stretch and with this mat, they’ll have no excuse not to go.

Nike shoes
$100 –
I’ve been wanting to try out a pair of barefoot running shoes for a while now, but I didn’t want to risk an injury while I was building my training base. Now that I have my training calendar and noticed that I have lots of easy mid-week runs, I think now would be a good time to test them out. These have a shield so they stay dry in rain and snow.

I already have 2 Garmin watches (remember that compulsive shopping problem), but I’m still interested in this watch. Not only does it track your runs using GPS like the Garmin watches, it syncs with Nike+. I use a Nike+ app on my phone and I’ve become obsessed with logging miles and winning challenges. It’s such a great motivation tool.

These Nike gloves were all over the Hot Chocolate 15k expo last weekend. I love that they have fleece on the inside because I’ve noticed that during long runs, my hands stay chilly through the entire run. I need these in my life as soon as possible.

First of all, this headband is super cute. Second, it covers your ears. Do I need to explain anything else? I didn’t think so.

i love your style.

I need a break from running today and there’s no better way to do that than to focus on my other love: fashion. I have no idea how to describe my style. On one hand, I’m very simple and classic: Tory Burch ballet flats, black boyfriend blazer over a simple white v-neck, personalized, simple jewelry. On the other hand, I love stand-out pieces: chunky multicolored bracelets, purple Louboutin pumps, fatigue LaRok jacket.

I’ve noticed that my “style mentors” have a little bit of everything in their wardrobe and can rock each look like it’s a uniform. I find myself looking to these people whenever I want to update my wardrobe or create a new look out of what I already have. Some are expected and some are unexpected (and maybe even unknown) and I want to share them all with you. First up: Victoria Beckham.


I could explain all of the reasons why I love her style, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

What Would Victoria Wear.
*I can’t remember where all of these pictures are from but I’m guessing mostly and


Happy Monday!

What’s Happening Wednesday: Currently Coveting.

Once upon a time, I dropped out of college to pursue my dreams of becoming a stylist. I went to work and applied to Parsons The New School for Design. You’ve probably heard of it if you’re a true Project Runway fan. I got in and had basically moved to Manhattan in my mind, but I couldn’t pay for it. So back to JMU I went. What a sad sad story.

Just kidding. Everything turned out for the best because now I’m in law school and I’ll (hopefully!) have enough money to style myself and have a personal shopper when I get out of here. All is right in the world.

But don’t let the casebooks and lawyer glasses fool you. I am still a fashionista at heart and I’m bringing my original love to the blog in the form of Currently Coveting. Get excited people! As a little intro, today I’m introducing you to just a few of the things on my ever-increasing wishlist. Enjoy the eye candy!

Currently Coveting 11/19/11

Thirsty Thursday: Winter Running

Apparently that year in New Orleans turned me into a cold weather wimp because I am freeeezing today! It’s 50 degrees and wet and this genius right here is wearing running crops. What can I say? I’ve found that dressing for a run ahead of time gives me that extra push to get it done. The plan was to use today as my first rainy run, but I think I’m chickening out. If only I had a Lululemon water-resistant jacket to run in. That’s the one thing I forgot to buy when I went shopping for Fall/Winter running clothes. Nevertheless, here’s what I do have to keep me warm…

1. Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II

I have this crop in 2 colors: black/rocksteady/clear sky (above) and all black. I wear them both at least once a week. They’re the perfect length for winter running because they hit mid-calf and the waist comes up high enough that you don’t have to worry about your back being exposed when you run.  They’re thick and keep you warm, but they’re also moisture wicking so they’ll keep you dry. And I don’t know how Lulu does it, but they are so flattering. These crops were worth every penny.

*Note: for all Lululemon items, please please please go to a store and have a Lulu Educator help you find your size. I didn’t do that the first time and ended up with a few items that are too big.

2. Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

I have this top in 3 colors: Black (above), Muted Mauve and Turquoise (no longer available on the website). I love love love it! It has a slim fit without being tight and somehow it’s really flattering. In fact, I was wearing it the other day when my dad noticed that I’ve lost weight. (8 pounds down!!!) It’s also warm without being bulky. I’ve worn it on every long run since the temperatures dropped and I haven’t been cold once. When it gets colder, I’ll probably wear a light jacket over it, but I know I won’t need much more. I also love that I’m able to wear this top (and pretty much every other Lulu piece I own) to class without looking like Sporty Spice. That’s never a good look.

3. C9 by Champion Women’s Long Sleeve Athletic Top

I’ve noticed during my long runs that even after I warm all the way up, the back of my neck still stays cold. Every time I think about it, I can hear my Grandma scolding me for not having something on my neck and warning me about catching a cold. I bought this pullover at Target a few weeks ago and I’m really happy with it. It has a mock turtleneck but I can control how tight it is with the zipper. It’s also lightweight and great for layering. At just $24.99, this was a great, inexpensive addition to my winter running collection.

4. The North Face Women’s ETip Glove


A few weekends ago, when I was trying to decide whether I would run the Ghost, Ghouls, and Goblins Spooktacular 5k in the sleet, I went to Eastern Mountain Sports to find anything that would make the race somewhat bearable. (They offer a great student discount for those of you who live near one!) I picked up these gloves and almost immediately put them back down once I saw that they were $40. But then I saw that I could use my iPhone when I wear them without spending 5 minutes trying to get them off. SOLD. I read a few reviews that said that they’re not warm enough, but I kept them anyway because I’m not using them to shovel snow. Their only purpose is to allow me to run without losing a hand to frostbite.

5. C9 by Champion Women’s Long Sleeve Fleece Hoodie

I wasn’t sure if I would like running in a hoodie, so I decided to start with an inexpensive one first. I found this one at Target for $27.99 (mine is black). The best part about this hoodie is that it’s fleece. It is so warm, but it’s not heavy or bulky. It’s also fitted so it looks really great on. Lately, I’ve been using it to stay warm after my runs, when I’m sweaty and need to stretch out but don’t want to catch a cold. It’s a really great value and I would highly recommend it.

Since it’s only the beginning of the cold weather season, I’m sure I’ll be adding more items to this list soon. Until then, I’d love to hear from you. What are you wearing (or coveting) this season?