What’s Happening Wednesday: Goals

After this week, there are 6 weeks left in 2011. That is absolutely insane. I guess time flies when your head is stuck in multiple 10 pound books.

I don’t remember the exact day that I started running, but I know that it was around the middle of November 2010 and that December is when I really caught the running bug. Thank God I lived in New Orleans at the time and it was sunny and beautiful. If I had been in VA I definitely would’ve put it off until the Spring.

I’ve accomplished some great things this year: I ran my first mile without stopping and my first 5k (with my Dad!) in March, started this blog in April, finished my first half marathon in June, and as of last weekend, I can run 6-7 miles comfortably without walking.

I’m proud of my first year, but I have BIG plans for 2012. This will be the year of the athlete. I have tons of races I plan to run and ambitious goals I want to accomplish. But before I get ahead of myself, I want to make sure that I finish this year strong with a solid base to start from in 2012.

Here are my end of the year goals:

1. Finish 2011 having run at least 250 miles for the year. I’m currently at 184 miles. (I’m hoping to quadruple this number in 2012)

2. Run the Ashburn Farm Thanksgiving 10k and Hot Chocolate 15k with no walking (except for water stations if I have to).

3. Stick as closely as possible to my running schedule. 4 runs per week (1 tempo, 1 easy, 1 long, 1 recovery).

4. Run on ThanksgivingChristmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. (Then I don’t have to feel as bad when I eat 3 pieces of Sweet Potato Pie!)

5. Believe in myself. 2012 is going to require some serious confidence. Right now, every time I finish a long run, or fight to get my breath back instead of walking when I feel like my lungs might collapse, I’m shocked. The reality that I can run still hasn’t sunk in yet and I need it to. In the words of Kara Goucher (and Nike), these last 6 weeks are going to be about working hard, believing in myself and believing in the run.


destroy yesterday.

Yesterday’s run was too slow. Last week I failed a midterm. Today I skipped a workout. Tonight I skipped some homework. Everyday I cheat on my diet. Twice a day I wonder if I’ll ever get any faster. Right now I’m thinking about waking up in the morning and leaving all of that on the pavement. And that’s really all I’ve got.

it’s like nothing else.

I saw this video over the weekend and had to share it. I love it when I see celebrities running. The “I’m a Runner” column in Runner’s World is my favorite part of the magazine. I just love hearing their reasons for loving this sport the way I do. In the video, British singer Ellie Goulding said that running was the best high she’s ever experienced and I completely agree. Running does something real for you. Something that goes beyond losing weight or getting in shape. It’s about escaping the craziness of the world. It’s about pushing yourself. It’s about learning how to lose your breath and then regain it without stopping. It’s about pushing through that first miserable mile (or 2) so that you can get to the elusive runner’s high. And when you finally get there, you wanna do it all over again.

*song in the video :: Ellie Goulding. Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix).