chasing the runner’s high.

2011 Race Schedule

03.05.11 – ESPN The Weekend Champion 5k (Orlando, FL) 41:43

06.05.11. – RnR San Diego Half Marathon (San Diego, CA) 3:22:50

10.08.11 – Anthem Great Pumpkin 5k (Reston, VA) 39:29

11.24.11 – 2011 Ashburn Farm 10k (Crossroads United Methodist Church; Ashburn, VA) 1:16:33

12.3.11 – Hot Chocolate 15k (National Harbor, MD) 1:54:02

2012 Race Schedule

3.17.12 – RnR USA Half Marathon (Washington, DC)

6.3.12. – RnR San Diego Half Marathon (San Diego, CA)

Present Goals

1. Finish the RnR USA Half Marathon {3.17.12} in 3 hours.

2. Finish the Hot Chocolate 15k {12.3.11} with little to no walking. (less than 5 minutes total)

3. Run (at least) 3 RnR races in 2012 and receive a Triple Crown medal. {definitely DC and San Diego, still debating/saving up for more.}

4. Train smart and hard through the winter. {treadmill runs, morning workouts, lots of cross-training and stretching.}

5. Run at least 100 miles by Jan. 1, 2012.

Future Goals:

1. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (Fall ’12)  AND Full Marathon in San Francisco (Fall ’13?). {A race that gives out Tiffany’s necklaces instead of medals. Anyone who knows me knows this race was created for me!}

2. Run the NYC Marathon.

3. Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. {I’m giving myself until 2015 to make this one happen. And by then I’ll be in a new age division and will get 5 more minutes on my BQ time!}

4. Run both of the Disney women’s half-marathons {Princess and Tinkerbell} plus the Wine & Dine half. {Again, anyone who knows me understands this one. I love all things Disney.}

5. Run the Marine Corps Marathon. {I basically want to run every major race in Washington, DC.}

6. Run all of the RnR races held in the U.S. and at least 1 abroad. This goal will take me years to finish and by then they’ll probably have 20 more races, but I’m definitely going to do it!

7. Place in the top 3 overall and in my age division in at least 3 races. {obvi small ones.}

8. Run in every city I visit from now on.

9. Run a race in Paris. Or just run in Paris. Or just visit Paris…

10. Just keep running.


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